Unsubscriber not working on 2nd account

I have successfully installed the Unsubscriber script into one of my Google accounts, which is the account that is authuser=0 (default account). However, when trying to make a copy of the script into my 2nd account (authuser=1), there is no account selector, so I need to manually add the authuser param onto the link, which works – the script/addon is successfully added into that second account. However, once I open the spreadsheet and authorize it, it does not connect properly, even though the auth dialog connects successfully to authorize the correct account. In the Apps Script dashboard, under “Executions”, it shows “getConfig” as failed. There are no error or log messages associated with the failure.

The script is working correctly on the first account that I added it to (no failures). Do you have a sense for what is going on and how I might debug/correct it? Thanks!

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