Simple Retweet Twitter Bot

Good afternoon everyone,

I’m trying to build a very simple Twitter Bot that will retweet two hashtags (based on the city I live in). I’ve been working to get this going for a couple of hours but have no programming/coding experience so this is a tricky one for me!

Right now I’m getting a 429 error, so I’ll leave it alone for a few hours and come back to it, in which time maybe you’ve all had time to give me some advice! I’m attaching images of the settings that I’ve got set up at the moment:

I’ll post other photos in replies.

The last time I tried to run the bot, I got the following error:

“When authenticating requests to the Twitter API v2 endpoints, you must use keys and tokens from a Twitter developer App that is attached to a Project”

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I’ve already confirmed that all of my tokens are correct (they show as valid when I Verify them) and I’ve confirmed that the keys and tokens ARE coming from the APP within the project.

Thanks in advance!

A 429 error typically indicates that that Twitter API is unable authenticate your credentials.

Here are some things you should try.

  1. Please ensure that the app permissions in your Twitter app are set to either Read and Write, or to Read, Write and DM. See steps.

  2. If you have recently created your Twitter app and changed the app permissions to Read/Write, please regenerate the app tokens and secrets and use them in your Twitter bots. See steps.

Thanks, Amit! I’ll have to wait until tomorrow now. I’ve exceeded my max number of apps (3) by deleting and retrying too many times!

Will give it another go tomorrow.


You don’t need to build a new Twitter app for that. You can simply click the Regenerate button to create a new set of credentials to use with the Twitter bot.