Send emails to multiple addresses from Google Forms

I’ve referred to the forms help centre but just wanted to get confirmation on the add-ons ability to allow users to automatically send emails to multiple emails that are specified as an answer on the Google form.

For e.g.

Q1) Write a message:

ANS: Hello

Q2) List the people you wish to send this message to, separated by commas.


Are we able to set up the Google Forms add-on such that the message “Hello” is sent to all three emails above?

Yes, you can certainly send email notifications to one or more people from Google Forms.

  1. Launch the Google Form Email Notifications add-on and create a new rule.
  2. In the Email Addresses to Notifiy field, enter the different email addresses separated by a comma.

Dynamic Email Addresses

If you have an input field in the form collecting the email addresses, you can use that question title also in the Email Addresses to Notify field, and email will be sent to addresses entered by the form respondent. Please ensure that the question title is enclosed in double curly braces.

For instance, in your case, the question title is List the people you wish to send this message to, separated by commas. so you should enter the text {{List the people you wish to send this message to, separated by commas}} in the input field of the rule.

Hi, thank you for your response! In that case, is there no need to use conditional notifications? We can just use the question title to specify the different emails based on form answers to send the results to?

Thank you!

Conditional notifications are not required in this case. However, since you send each response to 3-5 recipients, your email quota will be reduced by the same number after each response. You may want to get a paid plan for a higher email quota.

Hi Amit, may I know what the email quota is for free accounts? Would that be 400 emails each day as per:

Your email sending limit varies based on the type of your Google account. Gmail and Google Apps (free, legacy) users can send upto 400 emails per day. Google Workspace accounts can send upto 1500 emails per day with the premium edition.