Send Email to Guardians of a Student on Form Submission

Certainly, here’s a revised version of your question: I serve as an assistant principal at a high school, and I’ve developed a suspension Google Form tailored to our specific needs. My objective is to have this form emailed to various individuals, both static and dynamic, depending on the selections and entries made within the form fields. I’ve successfully managed multiple email addresses in the CC and BCC fields, and I’m utilizing conditional notifications using Email Notifications for Google Forms to send the form to specific email addresses based on staff member selections within the form. However, I’m encountering a challenge when it comes to sending the form to multiple guardians. To provide more context, my form includes fields for Guardian #1, Guardian #1 Email Address, Guardian #2, Guardian #2 Email Address, Guardian #3, Guardian #3 Email Address, and Guardian #4, and Guardian #4 Email Address. My goal is to have the PDF and email notification, which I’ve configured using the “Send Email” task in Document Studio, sent to all the guardian email addresses entered by the form submitter. Currently, I can only select one email address to send it to. Consequently, I’ve had to use the Email Notifications for Google Forms add-on to send copies to the student’s counsellor, the student’s AG teacher, and the student’s case manager (if applicable, based on an IEP). Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t allow me to use the more visually appealing PDF suspension report that I’ve created as a template with Document Studio. I’m wondering if there’s a workaround for this issue or if there are additional options within Document Studio for conditional notifications and sending emails to multiple recipients when there are multiple email fields. Any guidance or solutions you can provide would be greatly appreciated.