Manage Student Attendance with Google Forms

Just found out about your solution which seems to fulfill perfectly my
company’s needs. However I have a question before going premium and I can’t
find the answer in the documentation even though it’s well documented.

I would like to know if it’s possible to apply multiple conditional rules
at the same time when a form is submitted ?

To make it more clear for you, here’s the use case:
In our school, we want to provide our teachers “attendance sheets” using
Google forms. The teachers would check checkboxes corresponding to absent
students and when the form is submitted, the form would send an email
notification to each parent of absent students. In the question “Who’s
absent?”, if student#1 and student#3 are checked, we would like the form to
send an email to parent#1 and parent#3 only.
According to what I saw in the documentation, the only way to do that would
be to apply multiple conditional rules at the same time.
IF: “who’s absent” contains “student#1”, THEN: email parent#1
IF: “who’s absent” contains “student#2”, THEN: email parent#2
and so on…

Is that possible ? Or only 1 rule can be applied when submitting the form ?

Thanks for your time.