Google Forms for Inspection Reports

I have Google forms that I want to use to collect inspection reports for our powered jacks and forklifts, and I would like any of our Operators and Maintenance staff to be able to submit online instead of filling out a paper form. ​

What I would like to have is for the service staff and myself to receive a notification of inspections with certain fail conditions. I would only need to have a 2-6 people with access to the form editor and around 20 or so people who would receive these notifications. ​

Ideally, I would eventually like to expand to include more machines, but for now, it would be for 4 forms. Would your product be right for this? Which of the pricing models would be the one I would need? Also, is a User the person who submits a form, or the person who creates a form?

You can use Email Notifications for Google Forms to send notifications to the form respondent and one or more team members.

The add-on also supports conditional notifications so you can send emails to different people based on form answers.

The add-on is licensed per user (Google Account). You require a license for form editors only, not the form respondents. If two people would be editing the form or managing the Google Forms addon, you only require a 2-user license. It can have any number of form respondents.

Also, once you buy a license for your Google account, it would enable premium access for all forms under your Google account.