Embed Document URL in Email

I have found Document Studio to be incredibly useful for streamlining our office tasks. Thank you for this fantastic add-on. I am writing this email to inquire about how to achieve the following using Document Studio. Despite spending several days researching, I couldn’t figure it out as I am not well-versed in programming. Here’s what I would like to do: 1. Customers submit inquiries via a Google Form. 2. Automatically copy a template from a Google Spreadsheet and generate a file. 3. Embed the URL of the copied file into the response email to the customer. 4. Send the email to the customer. I want to generate a template file for each participant applying for a sports competition and send it via email, triggered by the submission of a Google Form. I have been able to find methods within Document Studio for copying files and sending automated reply emails, but I couldn’t figure out how to automatically embed the URL link of the copied file into the email every time there’s an application. If there is any way to achieve this, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. Thank you in advance.