Redirect Phone Calls in Google Sheets

Dear Amit

We use to redirect our phone call in Google Sheets.

What happened to it? Do you have any plans to make this service public again?



Hello Aliakbar,

We are working on it. The phone redirect URL should be available soon.

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Ok thank you sir yes i keep getting a notification saying it is not working when yesterday it was working fine.

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Is this malfunction general or is there something wrong with me because it was working normally then stopped and is there an alternative to it or not

It’s a good Feature… but facing an issue from yesterday

I appreciate your patience.

The phone redirect service is working again, but it has moved to a different domain, and you’ll thus have to change the formulas in your Google Sheet.

Earlier Version

=HYPERLINK(""&A1; "Call me")

New Version

=HYPERLINK(""&A1; "Call me")

We have migrated the service to Google Cloud Run, and it should be significantly faster than the previous version which was running on a shared CPU.

Post updated - Make Phone Numbers Clickable in Google Sheets

The service now works for Gmail, Google Docs and Google Slides as well.


Hello !
How long will the calls made from the sheets not work?
Is there any other alternative?
I use this call function every day at work and I need it.
I am waiting for an answer !
Thank you !

The issue has been resolved already. See details.

I’m having a hard time getting this to work on my MacBook. I’ve tried it on Safari and Chrome. At first it was forwarding the call to the FaceTime app. Then, I tried using chrome and installing the google voice extension but it still won’t open google voice. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Does anyone have some insight?

facing an issue with this… when will it resume?

Please see the solution here.

Dear Amit

We have an issue again, and this time with “”.
We get “403 error.”
Could you help us?

Can you please provide a screenshot?


  1. That’s an error.

Your client does not have permission to get URL /011111111 from this server. That’s all we knowerror for permission

where is the problem from?

Can you please email the link of your call URL to your amit@labnolDOTorg

Dear amit
I have the same problem again, should I send you an email again?