While trying to buy a new phone, I came across your post on Online Shopping outside USA. I am trying the other way around.

The phone in question is available in India and not sold either in the US or EU (I am living in the US at the moment, but shipping to e.g. Germany would be fine as well). It is possible to get the chinese version, but that one has different (worse) specifications.

So I was wondering if similar services like the ones you described for the US exist in India. Amazon India, Ebay India, Flipkart and so on unfortunately don’t seem offer an international delivery.

I used your article Using Outlook with your own Web Domain, and found it to be very helpful, thank you!

Once I seemed to have completed all of the steps you outlined, I was able to send email out from my new account, but I am not receiving incoming mail.

Outlook shows that my inbox is active, and I’m not sure what else to do. Do you have any suggestions for me? I imagine it’s not that easy to get in touch with anyone at re: one free email address/account!

I added the MX and SPF info under TXT…set up the outlook.

Thank you,

I’m using an older version of your ‘Send Form by Email’ script, on a google spreadsheet, and I have a question;

How can I modify the code to only email the fields that were completed? In other words, I don’t want to get the header emailed to me if the column has no data in it for the most recent submission.

Any help you can spare is greatly appreciated!

I found your HTML email website on google.

I would like to be able to send out html emails showing my new mobile website in an iphone previewer. I have figured out how to get the iphone IFRAME showing in your visual editor and have figured out the padding & height/width to align the website with the iphone frame but all that is showing in the preview pane is a yellow box where I would like the website to show.

When I right-click on the yellow box I see an ‘edit embedded media’ box but cannot find a way to make the website show in the previewer. If I send the email in this form, the iphone also does not show.

Can you please advise me on what procedure I need to follow to make a functioning html email that shows the website in the iphone with operational scroll/links.

Best regards,

Nigel Smith

Hi DI team and friends,

Here is a challenge for you, friends of all tech fixes: can you find a way to block a gmail account from sending emails to a specific address?

For example, if I want to stop myself from compulsively emailing you this question every day. Any way I can ‘train’ my gmail (google script? chrome extension? …) to block me from emailing your email address?

many thanks — this would be of great help!
(and I then WILL stop emailing you every day…)

Halo Mr. Amit Agarwal

I used HTML Mail for mail merge in Gmail. When I create message body in HTML Mail, I have a problem. I can not insert images.

Based on your video tutorial you used image in Dropbox. Is that right, only image in Dropbox that I can insert in HTML Mail? How to insert image in my PC to HTML Mail?

Thank you,

Ihsan @nurihsanr

I really enjoy your blog Amit. I’m trying to have pictures that Google sees as unique when I list stock photos on ebay, so that they’ll index my listings.

I heard that digital pictures have signatures and they’ll know it’s just a duplicate. Is their advice just talking about the timestamp, exif data and possible geotag or is there some other unique identifier in pictures like a hidden combination of pixels or something?

I would like to know your thoughts.


Can you think of a way to protect Google Docs documents from being copied?

As you know, if you share a document you can withdraw that share later if you want to limit further exposure. But anyone can make a copy of the document in their own MyDrive and then you have lost control of it. I am thinking of some presentations I have done that I would like to share but not have the presentation promulgated around later.

Thanks again for all your work!
Jerry Matson Houston, Texas, USA

Hello! I’m using “copy youtube playlists ” and very happy. But I can’t find a way to switch google account in order to create playlist on another YouTube channel.

Is there a way to do that? Didn’t find any answer in FAQ. Thank you very much :)

Best regards, Alexander