I am playing around with your twitter rss script, and trying to create a twitter retweet bot with it.

At the moment I cant quite figure out why the format I am expecting is not what I am getting, it produces the feed and the feed looks correct but when twitterfeed then pumps that to twitter it comes out wrong.

In short it’s missing the original authors twitter name so it just looks like the bot is saying stuff when its actually other people, if you know what i mean.

Here is the code I have.

 rss += " <title>" +"@"+ url.split("/")[3] + "</title>";
 rss += " " + when + " +0000";
 rss += " " + url + "";

I changed the title so it only shows the name, and changed the tweet so that it should show the authors name with an @ in front, and on the rss feed this creates it all looks good, but something goes wrong some where, not sure if its this code or

I am the admin of a Google Apps domain for business.

Do you have a Google Apps Script that would allow me as an admin to go through all the user accounts in my Google Mail for businesses and extract email addresses in the FROM, TO, CC fields, as well as the body of the messages?

Thank you

– Haroon

I am a regular reader of Kindle eBooks and sometimes find it necessary to use the copy-paste feature to highlight a selection and use it elsewhere, say in a Word document.

Kindle doesn’t seem to have the copy-paste functionality, or, I am unaware of it.

Any tips?
– Tushar Mankand

When I include a date in mail merge, it shows up like this: Mar 06 2014 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST). I would like to just have it show up as March 06, 2014. (Or something else that is neat and that does not include the time stamp.)

UPDATE: Amit gave me a simple fix–format the cell as plain text. It is not elegant, but it is effective.

I found you while doing a search to get help with my WordPress RSS feed. I have several questions that I hope you will be able to help me with.

I used the RSS Links widget in WordPress so that readers of my blog could subscribe to RSS feeds but when I attempted to subscribe to make sure that the feed was working I got an XML style error. So I set up a FeedBurner account which seems to work fine, but it is not linked to the WordPress blog, readers have to use the FeedBurner URL to get the feeds and I would like for them to be able to subscribe through the WordPress RSS Link and get the feeds from the FeedBurner account. Is there a way to do this?

I also need to know how to change what FeedBurner is extracting from my blog that shows in the FeedBurner feeds. I have a profile on the very first few lines of each blog, and that is what is showing on every feed, not the content. Is there a way to change this so that the actual content from the blog is shown in the FeedBurner feeds without having to move my profile from the top of the blog text area?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide to help me with this.

Donell Edwards

I was reading your blog regarding how to set up a website in Google Drive.

I’ve taken this one step further by using my domain to forward to my Google Drive index.html. As an example, would redirect (with URL mask) to my Drive HTML file. This works really well.

My next step was to attempt to get Google Analytics setup for my site. So far, I’ve been unsuccessful. I was wondering if you’ve had any experience in this area?

– Catty Wampus

I have been using this guide to get Twitter feeds as RSS and you have been a lifesaver, it is brilliant!

The only thing is that the Time Stamp of the Tweet does not appear correctly on my RSS Reader, it simply appears as the date and time of the last refresh. I have tried playing with the script a bit, but I am not very tech savvy, I think the problem is in the format that Twitter shows the timestamp which RSS does not seem to be able to read.

I wondered if you could adjust the script so that the time of the actual Tweet appears on the PubDate and displays in the RSS feed.

Best regards