Google Account creation Page says “someone already has that username” but password recovery says “no account exists”.

i tried to send the user an email but gmail gave me this error:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure: The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try double-checking the recipient’s email address for typos or unnecessary spaces.

Is there a way to get the email address / username

We seem to be experiencing lengthy delays using the “Send Google Forms by Email” script found here.

10 entries into the form throughout the day yesterday didn’t arrive into the inbox until 7:52 this morning. I have noticed this before where we will receive a few entries sent hours between one another all come into the inbox at the same time. Am I exceeding a limit of some sort?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am looking for a solution to force a MP3 link (voicemail server) in incoming Gmail to open in Windows Media Player instead of the built in player in chrome. I need to utilize WMP as Terminal Server/Citrix delivers the audio in the stream where Chrome does not.

Thank You in advance for any suggestions you may have.

I have used one of the Google apps scripts posted by you to send form content over e-mail. However, I am unable to hide the empty cells using either of the following:

Version 1

for ( var keys in columns ) {
 var key = columns[keys];
 if ( e.namedValues[key] && (e.namedValues[key] != "") ) {
   message += key + ' :: '+ e.namedValues[key] + "\n\n"; 

Version 2
for ( var keys in columns ) {
   var key = columns[keys];
   if (e.namedValues[key] != "") {
     message += key + ' :: '+ e.namedValues[key] + "\n\n"; 

Version 3
for (var i in headers) {
  if (e.namedValues[headers[i]].toString() == "") continue;
  message += headers[i] + ': '+ e.namedValues[headers[i]].toString() + "\n\n";     

My form has conditional flow from one form to another. Currently, the output is something like:

Field 1: ABC
Field 2: PQR
Field 3: ,
Field 4: ,
Field 5: ,,
Field 6: Test

Please help!


I am using the Disqus commenting platform for my WordPress site. Do we need to install the Akismet anti-spam plugin if we use Disqus?

I found your blog posting about uploading photos to youtube to make a slideshow and wonder if you can answer this question?

After creating and publishing the slideshow on youtube, can you go back and edit the video to add or change the photos?

Or do you have to start all over again? If you can add/change/delete photos, HOW do you do it?

Sarah Clarke

Hi there,

My colleagues have started using the mail merge function for Gmail – we have a business account and most have had no problem sending 500-1000 emails using the mail merge.

One colleague has sent far less than that and now receives this error, for about a day – service-invoked-too-many-times-apps-script-error

Is there a way to reset the program to try again?

I imported my Gmail contacts into Google Plus and it imported some non working email addresses and non Google Plus users in my circles.

Now my Google+ circle is full with almost 5000 users in the circle. How can I remove multiple unwanted emails from google plus in single click.

I just read your blog while looking for answers, and thought I’d ask you because I don’t know if I’ll get more than an automated answer from Dropbox.

I sent someone, via Twitter direct message, a link to a folder on Dropbox. It’s something I wanted this person to read. It is not file-sharing, nor public folder, just one of these links you can make on Dropbox so that anyone without a Dropbox account is able to access that one file.

Is there any way I can find out if this person accessed the folder by clicking the link? Would I have received an email notification if they had?

Do Dropbox Events show us anything other than changes, that is, only when changes have been made to a file, not if they were simply accessed via an url?

If this would appear in my events log, or if I was supposed to have received an email when they accessed file, then I have to assume they never looked at it. But if events and notifications are only when someone I am sharing with in the system does anything in the file, then the system will not tell me if the file was accessed or not via url by someone w/o Dropbox.

I hope my question wasn’t too confusing, and please know I really appreciate your attention.

Many thanks,