Hi wonder if you can help me. I set up your free archiver and it certainly works! However i noticed that it did not pick up some tweets/retweets from earlier in the day. Our competition started at 08h00 and the feed missed earlier tweets. Is there a reason for this? How can I ensure that when I run a competition it picks up all the tweets/retweets?

Many thanks! Great tool – really helped us

Hello, first of all thank you for sharing so many useful script with us.

Here is my question:

We have a form that requires the user to upload two documents before submitting the request. We are currently implementing one of the ideas found on your site to do this: we created separate links so that they can upload the files to our account. However, sending the user to visit two separate pages to submit the documents and then return to the original form to submit the request, doesn’t seem like the most efficient way to do it.

Do you know of any way we could make this as an editable region in the form itself?

Here is the link to the form I am referring to, so that you can have a better sense of what we mean:



Dear Sir,

Thank you for your application for generating passwords. I am in France. I am happy to use it because it seems to be a good solution for strong security.

If I may suggest an improvement for future release, the area for the secret key could be “encrypted”, ie only ***** are visible on screen, so that the tool can be used even when people are around, looking at the screen.

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Is there a file size limitation on Ctrlq Save? Files that are of size above 250 MB show an error and don’t upload at all. Help!

Hello, in Google Spreadsheets there is a useful function called “ImportXML” does exactly as it suggests. However, if the XML output contains a namespace attribute (xmlns=), it fails. This seems to be a known but unaddressed issue.

Not being a coder, I have searched high and low for a simple Google Apps script that can reliably replace this functionality but patching code snippets together has proven fruitless.

Here is a sample of the XML that I am attempting to parse: http://pastebin.com/2WdedJkT

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Hello sir,

I just want to know that what will be the taxes will i have to pay in india,Currently i am doing affiliate marketing of foreign individual products through their website and they pay me via paypal,see when i call paypal they said me that “You dont have to pay any taxes on paypal,They said that they will charge only their fees(transaction fees and currency conversion fees)”,therefore here paypal point is clear,but when the amount is deposited then that time which taxes bank will charge on me like Service tax,vat?i know Income tax is compulsory,But do i have to pay service tax?

Waiting for reply

Hi, thank you so much for providing this script. I do not know anything about scripts or HTML or Java or anything, so I copied and pasted the script into my Google Drive exactly as the instructions said from this webpage:


But now when I go to click on the link for the web form, it brings me to the Google Accounts log in page. I am confused because you wrote “You don’t even need to have a Google Account to upload files and the Google Script based form even works on mobile devices.”. I would like people to be able to upload files to my Google Drive without having to log on to their Google account. How do I do that?

Hi Expert,

I hope you are doing well.

I have a query like, I went offline after 7:30PM India time and come online back by next day morning 10AM and whole weekend from Saturday and Sunday.

I am looking for the fix like I can configure schedule to active auto reply to the senders while particulate time frame.

The Gmail “vacation responder” has limitation and only work with date range and send auto reply once in a 4days to the same sender.

It would be a great help if you can suggest something in this matter.
Thanks for your concern.

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I got the mail merge excel template… uploaded an attachment on google drive, double clicked on it… but not sure how to determine attachment id to be used for the template

Hi amit.. can u tell us the exact Ping url you use in wordpress. By default there is pingomatic. and also i am curious to know that do you ping your sitemap also to google and bing after every blog post.

thanks in advance.