Dear Amit,

Thank you so much for the great work! I can save all my e-mail and their attachment to my Google Drive.

I have one problem that is some of my email has an inline image and I need it to be shown the PDF. It’s an unique bar code for that particular email.

I tried to copy and paste the code from your inserting inline image project but failed. Please suggest what I can do to make the bar code picture embedded in the e-mail.



This is an example of the code at the end of the message after :

Content-Type: image/jpeg
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64


I have a Google form. Responses will come in over several days. Not all will occur at the same time. I need a scheduled email to send after X number of days for each response. Then after another X number of days another automatic email to the original respondent and so on. Those individuals will be on a 12 day email response campaign for a polling process. Total number of automatic emails sent over the 12 day period is approximately 7. Help please! Thank you in advance! Awesome site. I have learned much so far…

i had activate the the above mention script but now i want to deactivate ..
i have done so many times to deactivate the script but after some time it automatically re built so plz get me the way to deactivate permanantly

I have just tried your excellent Gmail eMail tracking google docs spreadsheet but the event label is showing up obscured, e.g. as

I have included an extract of the code in the sent email below which shows this.

Is there a way to get to to show the full eMail address as shown on the website for this?

I wonder if it is possible to create a custom printable view from a google spreadsheet.
– Suppose we have a single table in a google sheet.
– Our table columns are as follow: First column->Date and time of the record // Second column->Last Name // Third column->First Name // Fourth column->E-mail address // Fifth column->Books quantity // Sixth column->Glasses quantity etc. So we have records just like this:
1/12/2014-13:05:07 // Smith // John // // 14 // 0
2/12/2014-14:06:08 // Kliafa // Ardea // // 3 // 4

In our printable view we need to re-arange the data and we need to omit some of them. Let’s say we need to omit the zero columns per person and the Email addresses. So, we need something like this:

NAME: Smith, John
Date: 1/12/2014-13:05:07
Books: 14
NAME: Kliafa, Ardea
Date: 22/12/2014-14:06:08
Books: 3
Glasses: 4

So, is this customization possible? Is there such choices in google sheets or we need to look up for a gs script? And is it an easy task?

I will appreciate any help
Thank you


I’m using boomerang email scheduling service Is there a way to combine this to Mail Merge?

If this is not possible; can mail merge save personalized messages as drafts instead of sending them ?

thank you

I love this Google Sheet approach to schedule Gmail messages, and I’ve been using it quite a bit.

I’ve noticed, though, that the messages sent by the scheduler come from the address of my gmail account rather than the address of the account that gmail is accessing via a POP server. The “reply-to” is the POP address, but not the “from”. Is there any way to have messages sent by the scheduler be from the POP address rather than from the gmail address?



I just found and tested your Google docs mail merge spreadsheet. Is there any way to integrate this with email tracking like Signals by Hotspot?



Hey Amit, I have a quick question and am hoping you can help me out. I have been using your Amazon Price Tracker and love it. However, I did notice that it tracks the lowest price of the selected product. Is there a way to change the tracker to follow the main price (just the one that is seen when opening the Amazon page), instead of searching for cheaper prices from other sites?


Hi wonder if you can help me. I set up your free archiver and it certainly works! However i noticed that it did not pick up some tweets/retweets from earlier in the day. Our competition started at 08h00 and the feed missed earlier tweets. Is there a reason for this? How can I ensure that when I run a competition it picks up all the tweets/retweets?

Many thanks! Great tool – really helped us