Hi, how can I insert a Salutation to the e-mail html-body?
May be this question has been answered here, please show me. Thanks.

I’m using the older version of mail merge (http://www.labnol.org/software/mail-merge-with-gmail/13289/) and I’ve never had an issue with it before, but suddenly when I try to send it it’s giving me an error message saying that I need to fill in all required fields. All of the required fields ARE filled in. What’s happening?

Dear Amit

I was just reading these article. I have purchased domain name from Godaddy and hosting for hostgator. Also I had purchased some subscription to paid forums, bought wordpress templates from non India sites. Do you have any idea if I need to pay any service tax on these? Do you pay ?


I am trying out the regular version of Mail Merge before possibly buying premium, but I am unable to send HTML mail.

I have gone into the HTML WSYWIG to which you link, and gotten this HTML:

Write HTML Mail

Use this WYSIWYG HTML Editor to compose and send rich-text HTML emails with support for tables, images, hyperlinks and other formatting styles not available in your email program.

Advanced users can switch to the HTML view and directly edit the HTML source of the message or apply their own custom CSS styles to any of the elements.

(I hope that shows up as plain text and not as formatted HTML)

I paste that in the BODY field as instructed, but when I get the e-mail test I’m sending it is unformatted. It shows me all the HTML tag elements rather than formatting the HTML.

Can anyone help with this?

is this possible?
I have a csv file that has the names of the contacts as I want them to appear in the message. how can I do this?

I love the article where you utilize the Wolfram API to answers people’s questions on Twitter.

I was thinking what if you were to use the IBM Watson API, and maybe make the assistant even smarter? Is this possible?

So, I need to have merge data that is a large block of text, with line breaks in. So I might have the following data in a cell of my spreadsheet:

Data 1
“this is a lot of explanation, and a huge wall of text.

Isn’t that hard to read?”

but when it is ported into %data 1%, the line breaks have disappeared, and it is a huge text wall. Is there any way to preserve the formatting, without having to put html tags in the cells?


So (as of today) I get this message whenever I try to use the DI mail merge doc on Google Drive – ReferenceError: “DocsList” is not defined.

This has worked fine for a couple of years but has abruptly stopped, apparently this is possibly due a depreciated API – https://support.google.com/a/answer/6201352 – Could you help or advise on this and whether there is a fix?


TypeError: Cannot read property “namedValues” from undefined. (line 20, file “Code”)

Here’s the script. It’s been running great for over a year, but just recently stopped working.

function sendFormByEmail(e)
// Remember to replace XYZ with your own email address
var email = “todd.levin@funleys.com, emailtosalesforce@2kmxfxb43fsskzeusedksjxeavonvzpnwlkbf9wyynw0cjas11.a-yg5xmac.na11.le.salesforce.com”;

// Optional but change the following variable
// to have a custom subject for Google Docs emails
var subject = “Funley’s Sample Form Submitted”;

// The variable e holds all the form values in an array.
// Loop through the array and append values to the body.

var s = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
var headers = s.getRange(1,1,1,s.getLastColumn()).getValues()[0];
var message = “”;

// Credit to Henrique Abreu for fixing the sort order

for(var i in headers)
message += headers[i] + ‘ = ‘+ e.namedValues[headers[i]].toString() + “\n\n”;

// This is the MailApp service of Google Apps Script
// that sends the email. You can also use GmailApp here.

MailApp.sendEmail(email, subject, message);

// Watch the following video for details
// http://youtu.be/z6klwUxRwQI

// By Amit Agarwal – www.labnol.org