Digital Inspiration mail merge no longer working on Google Apps of today

So (as of today) I get this message whenever I try to use the DI mail merge doc on Google Drive – ReferenceError: “DocsList” is not defined.

This has worked fine for a couple of years but has abruptly stopped, apparently this is possibly due a depreciated API – – Could you help or advise on this and whether there is a fix?


  • Janet

    Same problem! Regretting the update haha

  • I’ve update the sheet and it should no longer give the Docslist error.

  • Janet

    Thanks! Works great!

  • Jinhee Joe

    Hi! How can I stop a mail merge if after I hit send, I realize it is the wrong content or wrong list. Is there a way to “preview” (not just send a test email) before I hit send?

  • You can either delete the row from the sheet or choose Cancel from the Mail Merge menu.

  • Scott

    Can we get the updated sheet? I have my reciept…

  • Angel Chavero

    Hi Amit, how did you update the sheet?