How to Add Google Forms to Mailchimp Email Newsletter

I have a Google form that I want to send it to my subscribers.

Additionally, the form needs to be integrated within the email ie. No links, he can participate in the survey by answering to the questions from the email itself.

I did an extensive search online but couldn’t find any solution. The only possible way of doing this was to send feedback form to each of my subscribers manually.(selecting the option – add form within email)

Since, this feedback forms is a part of our drip campaign, I am looking for a solution that can scaled and automated.

  • The App Date DF

    Hi! We’re facing just the same problem described here. Did you find any solution @Boni?

  • Nora Joy Wilson

    Same here – I tried to embed the HTML, which appears to be an iFrame, into a custom-coded email but all I see is the text “Loading…”

  • Gmail and most other email programs do not allow the IFRAME tags inside HTML due to security issues. If you include the IFRAME tag, it would be stripped in the final message automatically.

  • Nora Joy Wilson

    Thanks for responding! That’s good to know. I just figured since it works within gmail that there would be a way to do it with MailChimp.

  • Khushboo Khushalani

    How can i integrate the Google Form in the Newsletter created on Send Grid as a Form and not a link of the form? Please help me with the solution urgently.

  • Trevor Sellman

    Any update on this thread?

  • Sarah Carlet

    Any update on this thread?