Is My Email Getting Tracked

I recently opened an email from someone I know and the subject line said “INVITATION” when I clicked to open and see what it was the email read “D9X8MQ2X”. I replied asking what it meant I did not receive an answer through email but I did get a text message from the sender and I asked what the email was for or about and the response I got was that “it allows him to track me but he deleted it so never mind”. I would like to know how I would know if I am being tracked and if so how I take it off. Please help thank you

  • The email sender probably included a tracking image in the email. As you as you opened the message, he or she may have received a notification confirming that you have read the message.

    That said, if you are using Gmail, none of your other information – like your IP address, location, computer name, etc – would be known to the sender.

    You can delete that email, or never open it again, and they won’t know anything about you.