Summary of failures for Google Apps Script – Troubleshoot

You may sometimes receive a “Summary of failures for Google Apps Script” email notification from Google ( The error messages may say:

  • Exceeded maximum execution time
  • Service using too much computer time for one day
  • Authorization is required to perform that action
  • Service using too much computer time for one day

Google Scripts run on Google cloud servers and Google allows fixed CPU quota (time) to a script per user. These time quotas are different for Gmail (90 minutes / day) and Google Apps (3 hours / day) and the daily quotas are refreshed at the end of a 24-hour window.

If you get any of these service errors from Google, it indicates that the script exceeded the total allowable execution time for one day. The script execution is temporarily stopped and the execution is resumed as soon as Google resets your daily quota.

How to Stop Failure Emails from Google Script

The service warning emails are harmless and can be ignored but you can also complete stop Google from sending these email notifications. Here’s how.

Step 1: Open the email from and click the link that says “Click here” as shown below.


Step 2: On the triggers page, click the notifications link.


Step 3: On the Execution failure notification screen, click the little x button and press OK. Click Save to triggers page to apply your settings.