How to Track Email Read Receipts in Mail Merge

Mail merge for Gmail supports email read receipts so you know if your email messages has been read by the recipients. The feature is available in the premium edition of Mail Merge.

The Google add-on inserts an invisible 1×1 GIF image in the outgoing message to track emails. If the email recipient has enabled image downloads in the email client (default in ON for Gmail), the GIF downloads on their computer and the email open action
is recorded.

Enable Email Tracking in Mail Merge

To get started, to the Google Spreadsheet, click Add-ons menu, Mail Merge with Attachments, Configure Mail Merge.

Here, choose the Track Email Opens dropdown and select the Yes option.

View Email Open Report

After the Mail merge has gone out, go to the Add-ons menu again, choose Mail merge and you’ll see a new option Email Open report.

Here choose the Mail merge campaign. You’ll see the subject of the email campaign as well as the date when the campaign was sent out.

A new sheet will be created in your Mail merge Google Spreadsheet titled “Mail Merge open report”. Here you’ll see the emails that have seen your email, the date when they first opened your email and also their IP address and browser (User Agent string).

If an email has been opened multiple times by a recipient, it will be shown only once.

Mail Tracking – Common Questions

Q: Why are my emails are not getting tracked?

The email tracker inserts a little image into the emails and the event is recorded when the image is downloaded on the recipient’s computer (or tablet or mobile app) where they are reading the email. If they have disabled image downloads, the open event cannot be recorded.

Q: If the recipient opens the same email multiple times, will it keep track of the count?

If an email has been been opened, all subsequent open events are ignored. In other words, the read count will be 1 even if an email is opened multiple times.

Q: Is there a way to prevent the tracker from recording my email opens?

When you send an email via Mail Merge, a copy of the email is saved in your Email Sent Items. If you open the email in Sent Items, the open event will be captured since the tracker will not know if you have opened the email or one of the recipients.

Tip: If you are not a Mail Merge user, you can still track email opens with Google Analytics.