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Snippets of Source Code

404 Page for WordPress with Suggestions

Embed a Tweet with JavaScript Programmatically

Scrape Web Pages with YQL and Apps Script

Universal Find and Replace for Google Drive Documents

Get the Full Path of a Google Drive Folder

List all Google Drive Files and Folders

Scrape Twitter Data with JavaScript

Monitor Files in Google Drive with Apps Script

Save Gmail Messages as PDF – Google Apps Script

Encode and Decode Strings with Base64 in JavaScript

MIME Types in Google Drive

Languages Supported in Google Translate

Create Nested Labels in Gmail with Apps Script

Web Scraping Flipkart Prices with PHP

Use the Amazon API to Get Product Prices

Google Analytics Tracking with Google Apps Script

Find Files in Google Drive with Apps Script

Parse Stack Exchange RSS Feeds

Save Twitter Emails in a Google Sheet

File Permissions and Sharing Settings in Google Drive

GET and POST Requests in Google Apps Script

Fill Google Spreadsheet with Random Data

Using Gmail API to Send Rich Text Emails

Upload CSV Files to BigQuery with Apps Script

Combine Multiple RSS Feeds with Google Scripts

Color Codes for Google Spreadsheets

Decode Base64 Email with Apps Script

Send Base64 Encoded Email with PHP

Iterate through Google Drive Folders and Files

Password Protect your WordPress Admin Folder

Share Google Drive Files with Apps Script

Housie Tickets Generator in PHP

Shorten URLs in Google Documents

Detect AdBlock with JavaScript

Embed Street View with Google Maps API

Convert HTML Content into Plain Text

Sell Digital Downloads with Google Scripts

RegEx to Extract Video ID from YouTube URLs

Delete Old Tweets Automatically with Google Scripts

Cleanup your Gmail Inbox with Apps Script

Write Gmail Filters with Google Apps Script

Send Tweets from Google Sheets

Text with Transparent Background in CSS HTML

Find Gmail Messages that are Awaiting Response

Black & White Image Turns Colored on Mouse Hover

Set Sharing Permissions in Google Drive with Apps Script

Download Files from the Internet to Google Drive

Send Google Document as HTML via Gmail

Mark Google Contacts with no Gmail Conversations

Import Amazon RSS Feeds into Google Sheets

Insert Inline Images in Gmail with Apps Script

Find Distance Between Two Points with Apps Script

Parse XML RSS Feeds with Google Scripts

Use Google Analytics without JavaScript

Find People’s Location through Google Maps

Add #Tags to your Google Drive Files

Schedule Gmail Emails with Google Script

Mark Archived Gmail Messages as Read Automatically

Get Social Share Counts of a URL with Google Scripts

Find Emails in Gmail that are Awaiting a Reply

Archive Old Gmail Messages Automatically

Gmail Search by Size with Google Apps Script

How to Use the Web Speech API in HTML5

The 43 Folders System to Organize your Gmail

Create HTML Elements with JavaScript

Create Triangles in Pure CSS

Send to Google Drive with Google Apps Script

Background Video with CSS

Find Duplicate Rows in Google Sheets

Facebook Blue Background in CSS

Turn an Entire DIV into a Clickable Link

Prevent People from Copying Text on Web Pages

Retrieve Facebook Likes Count with PHP

BBC Weather Alerts with Google Scripts

Change Twitter Profile Picture (Avatar) with Google Scripts

Absolute Centering a DIV with CSS Only

Image Fade on Hover Effect with jQuery

Detect a Touch Screen with JavaScript

Find Videos with the YouTube Search API

A Reddit Scraper Written in Google Apps Script

Store Passwords Securely with PHP

Send Mail through GMail SMTP Server with PHP

RSS Feed for Google+

Apple Tracker with Google Scripts

YouTube Data API and Google Apps Script

Managing YouTube with Google Data API

Website Monitor with Google Docs

RSS Feed for Podcasts – WordPress Template

Screen Sraping the Google Play Store

Encryption with Google Apps Script

Find on Page – Bookmarklet

Google Drive Hosting with Apps Script

Flipkart Price API with Google Apps Script

Embed Twitter with RSS Feeds

Gmail Counter with Google Apps Script

Google Script for Extracting Email Addresses

Gmail OCR with Google Apps Script

YouTube Player API for Partial Embeds

Embed YouTube Videos with JavaScript

Import iTunes JSON into WordPress

Convert Twitter JSON to RSS with Google Apps Script

Twitter AutoResponder with Google Scripts

Email Newsletters with Google Apps Script

Delete Unwanted Gmail Messages in Bulk with Google Scripts

Change Folder Permissions with Google Apps Script

Parse RSS Feeds with Google Apps Script

Update Google Contacts with Google Apps Script

Using HTMLService with Google Apps Script

Google Contacts in Google Apps Script

CSS Image Captions with Gradients and Transparent Backgrounds

Rounded Images with CSS Shadows

HTML5 Speech Input with Voice Recognition

Simple PHP Templates

YouTube Storyboard Bookmarklet – JavaScript

How to Submit Forms in Background using JavaScript

How to Check Required Fields on Form Submit [JavaScript]

CSS Box with Shadows

Simple CSS Based Buttons for Web Pages and Newsletters

Google Handwriting IME API Request

Parsing RSS Feeds with Google Feed API

Google AdSense JavaScript – Introduction

Gmail Search with Google Apps Script

Using Google Text to Speech API – PHP

Screen Capture Web Pages with JavaScript

Star Ratings in CSS and HTML

Add Favicons to External Links – Bookmarklet

Geocoding Addresses with Google Maps API

Encrypting Data in JavaScript Using the SHA-1 Algorithm

Google Docs Macros – Send Mail

Google Sitemap Generator with PHP

Remote Printing with Dropbox – Visual Basic Script

Google Apps Script for Website Monitoring

Geocoding Postal Addresses with Google Maps API

Parsing the Twitter Trends API

Google Analytics PHP Tracking Code

Use Google Chrome as a CSS Editor

Prevent Image Hotlinking