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Save Gmail Files to Google Drive

The Google Script will save file attachments from Gmail threads marked with a particular label to a specific folder in Google Drive. It takes the last email message in a thread and saves the first attachment to Drive. Credit: S. Dolidze

Also see: Save Gmail Attachments to Google Drive

function main() {
  var label = "Clients/New York/Design";
  var folder = "design-assets";
  folder = DriveApp.createFolder(folder);


function lastMessage(thread) {
  return thread.getMessages().pop();

function extractAttachment(message) {
  var blob = message.getAttachments()[0].copyBlob();
  var filename = message.getFrom() + "." + extension(blob.getName());
  return blob;

function extension(filename) { 
  return filename.split(".").pop();

function saveFile(folder) {
  return function(blob) {
    Logger.log("Saved file " + blob.getName());