Convert and Email Google Spreadsheets as PDF Files

You can setup a cron job in Google Drive using Google Apps Script that will send any Google Spreadsheet, or any other document or file in the Drive, to one or more email addresses at a specified time. You can set the time-based trigger to run weekly, daily, every hour and other recurring schedule.

This example shows how to send a Google Spreadsheet to the specify email address automatically as a PDF file daily. The Google Script converts the Google Spreadsheet into a PDF file and send it to another email address using your own Gmail account. You can further customize the PDF output – like remove gridlines, hide frozen rows, change to landscape mode, etc. by setting the correct export parameters.

Convert & Email Google Sheets

The Email Google Spreadsheet add-on can automatically convert and email spreadsheets in PDF, CSV or Microsoft Excel (xlsx) formats. It can convert the entire spreadsheet or individual sheets.

The premium version of the add-on can automatically email the converted sheets on a recurring schedule (like every hour, daily, weekly or monthly). You can also setup multiple sending schedules and automatically email the sheet to a different set of receipts at different times.

Google Script to Email Google Spreadsheets

If you cannot use the Email Spreadsheet add-on (some Google Apps admins do not allow add-ons), you can write your own Google Script to email the spreadsheet as PDF files.

The Google Script function will convert each of the worksheets of a Google spreadsheet into a PDF file, compresses all the PDF files in a ZIP file and sends it to a designated email address. You can send to multiple email addresses too – just separate each of them with a comma.

The method currently sends all the sheets of a Spreadsheet in the ZIP file but you can also specify a sheet ID with the &gid parameter to email a particular sheet only. For instance, to send a first sheet, you can set the gid=0 and so on.

Convert Full Google Sheet to a PDF File

The above snippet converts individual sheets into separate PDF files but there’s also a way to convert the entire spreadsheet into a single PDF file. In that case, replace guid= with id=SS_ID (spreadsheet ID) or perform the conversion using DriveApp as shown here.