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RSS Feed for Google+

This PHP script will generate an RSS Feed for Google Plus users. You can need to replace the PlusID with your own Profile ID and the Google API key that can be obtained from

Google+ allows you to retrieve content from the network but the API doesn’t allow you post content on Google Plus. Code courtesy @SplitBrain/Github.

// your cache file, make sure it's writable
$cacheFile = '/tmp/gplus-cache';

// 30 minutes Cache Time
$cacheTime = 1800;

// a (in this case my) Google Plus ID
$googlePlusID = '113799277735885972934';

// your Google+ API key, obtain your's here
$key = 'XXX';

// your Google+ Activity Stream, get more info:
$url = '' . $googlePlusID . '/activities/public?alt=json&pp=1&key=';

// got cachefile?
$lmod = @filemtime($cacheFile);
if( !isset($_GET['purgeCache']) &&
$lmod &&
filesize($cacheFile) &&
(time() - $lmod < $cacheTime)){
$content = file_get_contents($cacheFile);
$content = file_get_contents($url.$key);
if($content) file_put_contents($cacheFile,$content);
if(!$content) die('Failed to load G+ data');

$gplus = json_decode($content);
if(!$gplus) die('Failed to decode G+ data');

// for debugging:
#print_r($gplus); exit;

// Output RSS feed
echo "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\n";
echo "<rss version=\"2.00\" xmlns:geo=\"\">\n";
echo "<channel>\n";
echo " <title>".htmlspecialchars($gplus->title)."</title>\n";
echo " <link>$googlePlusID</link>\n";
echo " <description></description>\n";
echo " <pubDate>".$gplus->updated."</pubDate>\n";
echo " <lastBuildDate>".$gplus->updated."</lastBuildDate>\n";
foreach($gplus->items as $item) {
echo " <item>\n";
echo " <title>".htmlspecialchars($item->title)."</title>\n";
echo " <link>".htmlspecialchars($item->url)."</link>\n";
echo " <guid>".htmlspecialchars($item->id)."</guid>\n";
echo " <pubDate>".$item->updated."</pubDate>\n";

// we might add a source quote from attachments
$desc = $item->object->content;

if(isset($item->object->attachments)) foreach($item->object->attachments as $attach){
if($attach->objectType == 'article'){
$desc .= '<blockquote>';
$desc .= '<b><a href="'.$attach->url.'">'.$attach->displayName.'</a></b><br /><br />';
$desc .= $attach->content;
$desc .= '</blockquote>';
}elseif($attach->objectType == 'photo'){
echo " <enclosure url=\"".htmlspecialchars($attach->image->url)."\" type=\"".$attach->image->type."\" />\n";
}// FIXME what other attachement type need to be supported?

echo " <description>".htmlspecialchars($desc)."</description>\n";

list($lat,$lon) = explode(" ",$item->geocode);
echo " <geo:lat>$lat</geo:lat>\n";
echo " <geo:long>$lon</geo:long>\n";

echo " </item>\n";
echo "</channel>\n";
echo "</rss>\n";