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Snippets of Source Code

Singleton Pattern in JavaScript

How to Verify Google API OAuth Token

Convert Google Slides Presentation to Image Sequence

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What are Closures in JavaScript

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Download Web Files to Dropbox with Google Apps Script

Extract Text from PDF files with Google Apps Script

Post Messages to Discord Channel via Google Apps Script & Webhooks

Tutorial: Google Cloud Speech API with Service Account

How to Use the Google Natural Language API with Apps Script

Convert Audio to Text with Google Cloud Speech API

Add the Edit Response URL of the Google Form to Google Spreadsheet

Web Scrape Instagram to Get User Profiles with Google Apps Script

Using Zoho API with Google Apps Script

How to Use Google Cloud APIs with Apps Script – Sample Application

Build a REST JSON API With Google Apps Script

How to Upload Files with UploadCare JavaScript API

Delete Blank Rows from Tables in a Google Document with Apps Script

Build an Image Uploader with Imgur API and JavaScript

Search Books with Goodreads API and Google Apps Script

How to List all your Team Drives in Google Drive with Apps Script

Send Data to Google Analytics with Measurement Protocol and Google Apps Script

Post an Update to Twitter with Google Apps Script

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Find the Visitor’s Browser and OS with Google Apps Script

How to Convert Microsoft Excel to Google Spreadsheet Format with Apps Script

Google File Picker API with Google Drive – Working Example

List All Users of a Google Apps Domain in Google Spreadsheets

Using the Google Slides API with Apps Script for Document Merge

Send SMS with Google Forms

Differences between Google Team Drive and My Drive

Load External JavaScript Libraries in Google Scripts with eval()

Google OAuth 2.0 Service account with PHP and Google APIs

How to Create Google Service Accounts

Service Accounts and Google APIs – Introduction

Configure OAuth2 Service Accounts for Domain-wide Delegation

Using Google Service Accounts with Google Apps Script

Tutorial: Create Application with Google APIs and OAuth 2

An Introduction to OAuth 2 and Google APIs

Connect to Google API with PHP and OAuth2 – Sample Code

Using Gmail JavaScript API to Search Email Threads

Bounced Email Parsing with Google Scripts

Get List of Email Aliases with Gmail API

Extract and Replace Links in HTML with JavaScript RegEx

Case Studies – Google Scripts and G Suite

How to Publish Google Script as a Web App

How to Import CSV Files into Google Spreadsheets with Google Apps Script

Spintax (Spin Syntax) with JavaScript

Convert Image to Base64 Data URI

Convert Excel Files to CSV in Google Drive with Apps Script

How to Center a DIV with Flexbox

How to Learn Google Apps Script

Download Unsplash Photos to Google Drive

Copy Email Messages in Gmail with Apps Script

Upload and Post Images to Twitter with Google Script

Copy Google Spreadsheet Data to another Sheet with Apps Script

Send SMS with Google Scripts and Twilio

Post Google Forms Reponse into Insightly CRM

Make AJAX Request to Google Script Web App with jQuery

A Custom Google Spreadsheet Function for Tracking Pageviews

Call JavaScript Function by String Name

Create Google Calendar Event with File Attachment

Get QuickBooks Data into Google Sheets with Apps Script

Authorization Errors with Apps Script Execution API

Use the Twitter Search API without the OAuth Library

Use the Gmail API to Send Emails with Attachments

Convert and Email Google Spreadsheets as PDF Files

Move File to a Different Folder in Google Drive

Convert Google Sheet to Excel XLSX Spreadsheet

Update Gmail Picture of Google Apps Users with Google Script

Update Gmail Signatures of Employees with Google Apps Script

Send Emails with Attachments with Google Apps Script and Mandrill

How to Write JSON to a Google Spreadsheet

How to Suspend Execution of a Google App Script While it is Running

Check if a Date is Valid with JavaScript

Create Google Contacts from Google Voice Mail

Use the Google Translate API for Free

Validate an Email Address with PHP

Display RSS Feed on a Web Page with Google Feed

Get the Amazon Sales Rank by ASIN in Google Spreadsheet

Create RSS Feed for YouTube Search Results

Convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to Google Docs with Google Script

Share Files in Google Drive without Email Notifications

Save Paypal Email Receipts in Google Spreadsheet

Indian Numbering Function for Google Sheets

Apps Script Execution API Error – Permission Denied

Extract Text from Images with Google Drive OCR

Upload Files using the Multipart Post Method with Google Script

Connect to Box API with Google Apps Script

Build a Charts Dashboard with Google Sheets and HTML Service

Import CSV File into Google Cloud SQL from Cloud Storage

Autoreply to Filtered Gmail Messages with Google Scripts

Create Draft Messages with Attachments using Gmail API

How to Use HTML5 Data Attributes with JavaScript

Count Number of Pages in PDF with Google Script

Caret (Arrow) Symbol in CSS

HR with Centered Text

Use OCR in Google Docs to Extract Text from Images

Center a DIV with Pure CSS

Insert Inline Image in a Google Document

Gmail Tracking with Google Analytics and Apps Script

Create Trello Cards from a Google Form

Fetch Google Search Results with the Site Search API

Post Google Forms Submissions to Slack

How to Send Tweets with Google Scripts and Twitter API

Upload Files to Google Cloud Storage with Google Scripts

Google Apps Script Library for Gmail API

Google Apps Script Library for Google Drive API

Parse Gmail Messages to Extract Data

Send Email Messages from Gmail to Slack Channel

Twitter Bot for Auto-Favoriting and Retweeting Tweets

Get the Full Path of a File in Google Drive

Upload Files to Google Drive with Google Apps Script

Using Blogger API with Google Apps Script

Search Twitter with Google Apps Script

Automatically Print Files Placed in Drive with Google Cloud Print and Apps Script

Know Who Changed a File in Google Drive with Apps Script

Get EXIF Data and GPS Location of Images in Google Drive

Basic Modal Window Popup with Pure CSS

Export Formulas and Notes from a Google Spreadsheet

Convert Text to Images with JavaScript

How to Make a Twitter Bot with Google Scripts

Save Gmail Messages to a Google Spreadsheet

Connect to Insightly API using Google Scripts

Send Gravity Forms Data to Google Spreadsheet or Email

Get Google Spreadsheets Data as JSON in your Website

Find Location & IP Address of Email Sender

Upload Files to HTML Form with Google Scripts

Archive Old Email Messages in Gmail Automatically

Convert Image to PDF to Google Script

Save Gmail Messages as Google Documents

Replace Adobe Forms Central with Google Forms

Using Google Picker with Google Apps Script

Make an RSS Feed with Google Apps Script

Search Files inside Sub-folders in Google Drive

Reorder Worksheets in Google Spreadsheets by Name

Export Tweets from Twitter with Google Apps Script

Authenticate WordPress Users with Google Apps Script

Save Gmail Drafts with Google Apps Script

Get Book Details by ISBN with the Google Books API

Make a Copy of Folders in Google Drive with Google Scripts

Post to WordPress with Google Scripts using XML-RPC API

Prevent Google Scripts from Exceeding the Maximum Execution Time Limit

Backup Web Pages to Google Drive Automatically

Gmail to Evernote with Google Scripts

Save Google Sheet as JSON

Convert PDF Files to Text with OCR

Convert Google Documents and Spreadsheets with Apps Script

Publish Google Spreadsheets as JSON with Apps Script

PHP’s print_r() for JavaScript

Find Matching Rows in Google Spreadsheets

See your Fitbit Data in Google Spreadsheet

How to use cURL with PHP – Basic Example

JavaScript Trim Method

How to Merge Multiple Google Documents

Google URL Shortener with Google Scripts

Google Maps Functions for Google Spreadsheets and Apps Script

Automatically Unsubscribe from Newsletters in Gmail

Publish Email Messages to Slack with Google Scripts

Converting Excel with Macros to Google Spreadsheets

Scrape Yahoo Finance with Google Scripts

Get Stock Data from Yahoo Finance in Google Spreadsheets

Edit your Response URL in Google Spreadsheets

Extract Name and Email Address from Gmail Header

Send Gmail Drafts containing Inline Images with Google Scripts

How to Validate Date Input in JavaScript

Merge Multiple Google Spreadsheets into One

Connect to Google Cloud SQL from Apps Script

Get Email Notifications for Edits in Google Spreadsheet

Move Files to Another Folder with Google Scripts

Duplicate a Sheet in Google Spreadsheets

Google Search Scraper written in Google Scripts

Save Google PageSpeed Score in Google Sheet

Parse XML Response of Amazon API with Google Scripts

Make your YouTube Playlists Private with Google Scripts

Export Phone Numbers and Profile Pictures from WhatsApp

Get Book Details from Amazon with Google Apps Script

Get your Twitter Followers with Google Script

Translate Documents with Google Apps Script

Daily Email Summary of your Google Calendar Events

Convert HTML to PDF with Apps Script

Save Gmail Files to Google Drive

Blogger to WordPress Redirection

Send Draft Emails with the Gmail API

HTML Service Examples for Google Scripts

Create RSS Feeds from Amazon Listings

Web Scraping Amazon with PHP

Convert XML to JSON with Apps Script

Create the Loading Dots Animation with CSS & Javascript

Twitter API – Error Messages

Generate List of all Files in a Google Drive Folder

Show Trimmed Content in Gmail