i had activate the the above mention script but now i want to deactivate ..
i have done so many times to deactivate the script but after some time it automatically re built so plz get me the way to deactivate permanantly

I love this Google Sheet approach to schedule Gmail messages, and I’ve been using it quite a bit.

I’ve noticed, though, that the messages sent by the scheduler come from the address of my gmail account rather than the address of the account that gmail is accessing via a POP server. The “reply-to” is the POP address, but not the “from”. Is there any way to have messages sent by the scheduler be from the POP address rather than from the gmail address?



I purchased Premium, but every time I click Mail Merge on your special spread sheet, I am encouraged to buy it.

Does this mean that my purchase is not recognized or is it just annoying?

I got a message that a Google script has recently failed to finish successfully. How do I remove this script from my Google account and stop it permanently.

A summary of the failure(s) is shown below. To configure the triggers for this script, or change your setting for receiving future failure notifications, click here. The script is used by the document Copy of Save My Gmail.

Error Message Count
Service using too much computer time for one day 84

Start Function Error Message Trigger End
10/27/14 11:24 PM savePDF Service using too much computer time for one day

I have a Google form that I want to send it to my subscribers.

Additionally, the form needs to be integrated within the email ie. No links, he can participate in the survey by answering to the questions from the email itself.

I did an extensive search online but couldn’t find any solution. The only possible way of doing this was to send feedback form to each of my subscribers manually.(selecting the option – add form within email)

Since, this feedback forms is a part of our drip campaign, I am looking for a solution that can scaled and automated.

I downloaded a file with .htm extension on my Android tablet. When I opened the file, it opened the code language inside the HTML viewer.

How can I view the actual rendered content of an HTML web page inside Android?

I recently opened an email from someone I know and the subject line said “INVITATION” when I clicked to open and see what it was the email read “D9X8MQ2X”. I replied asking what it meant I did not receive an answer through email but I did get a text message from the sender and I asked what the email was for or about and the response I got was that “it allows him to track me but he deleted it so never mind”. I would like to know how I would know if I am being tracked and if so how I take it off. Please help thank you

I am getting this error in Gmail Mail Merge if I include embedded (inline) images in my email text with your gmail email merge app.

Error encountered: Cannot read property “1” from null

Don’t get the error if I don’t include any inline images – using same text and spreadsheet.

Your tutorial on personalized emails using Gmail would indicate there shouldn’t be a problem.

I could not create another Apple id without credit card info. The ‘No’ option in credit card not available.

Is it possible to have 2 IDs on one iPad? I am a visitor from India to USA at present. How to download apps available in USA store that are forbidden in India?

Mukund Oke