How to Stop Amazon Price Tracker

I add the Amazon Price Tracker to my Google docs a few weeks ago and would now like to remove the price alerts.

I have deleted the associated document from my Google Drive and I’m not sure how to stop the emails. Can you help?

-Jonny Sharp

  • There are 2 ways to stop the price tracker script:

    1. The easy way – Go to your Google Drive and open the Price Tracker spreadsheet. Choose the Price Tracker menu option and choose Stop Tracking.

    2. If you have deleted the sheet, you can either recover it from trash and follow step #1 or go you Google Accounts security page and revoke access to the Price Tracker sheet (link).

  • Sameer Chivate

    Amit, I am using the price tracker for quite a few months, and it used to work great. I even managed to get a real good deal on something that I was looking for using this tracker. However, of late I am facing a problem. The daily mail contains only first one or two entries from the tracker. If I initialize and start tracking afresh, the first mail contains all the entries, and from next day it is back to one or two entries. I even tried re-ordering the entries, thinking that something was wrong with the third item, but the result is the same. Can you please help?

  • Please share the price tracker sheet with me amit

  • Sunil Kumar

    hi amit, can we able to add few more columns by hourly tracking prices or at regular intervals of time on speadsheet itself without mailing (email) auto updating respective columns in the spreadsheet itself.