How do Permanently Stop any Google Script

I got a message that a Google script has recently failed to finish successfully. How do I remove this script from my Google account and stop it permanently.

A summary of the failure(s) is shown below. To configure the triggers for this script, or change your setting for receiving future failure notifications, click here. The script is used by the document Copy of Save My Gmail.

Error Message Count
Service using too much computer time for one day 84

Start Function Error Message Trigger End
10/27/14 11:24 PM savePDF Service using too much computer time for one day

  • There are quite a few ways to stop any Google Script from running in the background. You can either remove the associated triggers, or if you have deleted the script from your Google Drive, you can revoke access to the Google Script in your Google Account.

    Option 1. Open the Google Script inside Tools -> Script Editor of the containing spreadsheet and go to the Resource Menu. Here choose Current Project Triggers, remove all the triggers and save.

    Option 2: Go to your Google Account Settings and under Security, click the Apps and Websites link that will show you are list of sites that have access to your Gmail, Google Drive and other Google Services.

    Here you can revoke access to the Google Script that is sending all these email notifications.

    There’s another option as well. In the notification email from Google, there’s a link that says “Click Here” – click that link and remove the associated triggers.

  • From Google Support:

    To revoke a script’s access to your data, follow these steps:

    Visit the permissions page for your Google account. Go to, then click your account picture in the top-right corner of the screen. Next, click Account, then Security, then View all in the account permissions section.

    Click the name of the script whose authorization you want to revoke, then click Revoke access on the right.

  • Darko Dodig

    I have spent about 4 hours trying to stop this script from sending me endless emails with the subject “Summary of failures for Google Apps Script: Copy of Website Monitor v4.0”. I have followed your instructions here and have revoked all account permissions. Originally I permanently deleted the scripts from my google drive and therefore I can not access the scripts. When I click the “click here” link in the email it takes me to a page that says: “Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.” please help me stop this script this is driving me crazy!

  • There’s a possibility that the script is running under a different Gmail / Google Account.

  • bhavesh devariya

    Dear Amit Sir,

    i need your small help,

    couple of days back i have aaded gmail clone script from your blog,

    but now i want to remove it from email, i have tried couple of things but still its creating clone lable and forwarding emails.

    please help me with this.

  • Read the first post in the thread. That’s how you can stop any Google Script.

  • ashutoshkumaranand

    Sir, i am using

    To set description of the uploaded file but it is not setting the description as email of the user.
    Me and the user is in the same Google Apps Domain (Education)

  • Thanks it has helped a lot!

  • Kauri Davis

    Thank you! I did not know I needed to be a programmer to use Google Drive. :)
    You Made my Gmail Inbox usable again !! Google should be paying you!

  • Livit Callentine

    Help please! Full disclosure: somehow I activated a script for Drive Migrator without knowing what I was doing. This happened because I trying to automate Drive Migrator. When I click on the link in the notification email from Google, there’s a link that says “Click Here,” I get Error 403 Forbidden. So now what do I do to stop the script. I am smart but computer illiterate. Thank you!

  • Rajesh Kandel

    Hi Amit, I have been receiving following errors. How do i fixed this issue?
    8/13/19 1:15 AM triggerEmailStudio Authorization is required to perform that action. time-based 8/13/19 1:15 AM

  • Justin Gerboc

    Is there a current fix for this? I cannot seem to find the area within my Google account security settings to revoke script access. Thank you.