Gmail Sending Limit for Mail Merge

Have loved using your mail merge template.  The last couple of days it says that I have reached the amount of times that I can use in a day in a error message.  I hadn’t used it for several days and have made sure not to have a list close to 500 contacts to send.

Google support said that they believe the number that can be sent to now is 100/ day.  Have you heard anything or know if this is a glitch?

I tried today and it stopped at 83 sent on a list of 323.

Thanks again and I look forward to your feedback.

Andrew Wilcox

  • Amit Agarwal

    Google has changed the daily email quota for free Gmail and Google Apps accounts. The previous limit was 500 emails per day but not that has been reduced to 100 per day.

    The quota for the number of email recipients for scripts running from consumer ( or free Google Apps for Your Domain accounts has been reduced from 500 to 100 per day. The quota for paid Google Apps accounts has not been changed.

    See the page for more.

    • Christopher Currie

      That’s interesting. My client has Google Apps for Education, which at least at one time was identical to Google Apps for Business, except that is was provided free to non-profit organizations like schools as a public service by Google. I wonder if this means that Google is cutting back on its service offering to schools and non-profits, or whether this is a mistake.

      • Amit Agarwal

        The daily sending quota for Google Apps for Education, Government and Non-Profits is still 1500 email recipients per day. You can use the MailApp.GetRemainingDailyQuota() inside the script editor to know your existing quota.

        • rege1

          Yes, I confirmed what you said by sending a mail-merged message to a small mailing list for a different Google Apps for Education client, and at the end of the transmission it indicated I had almost 1500 emails left in my daily sending limit. Thus, there seems to be a problem with the way my other client’s account is set up, and I’ll need to troubleshoot that with Google separately.

  • Amit Agarwal

    Christopher Currie writes:

    We have Google Apps for Education, which has the same services and functionality as Google Apps for Business, and we were recently cut back to 100 emails per day, also.

    I opened a ticket with Google Apps support and the support agent and then a specialist looked at the script, but couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t allowing more mail.

    I suspect that Google changed something in their protocols that Amit’s script is tripping on, but I don’t have the technical knowledge to pursue it. (Apparently, neither do some of the folks at Google itself.)

    It’s too bad, because the script is useless to us now, and it served us so well for the past few years.

    There’s a new Premium Edition of Mail Merge that lets you send mails to a large group using a simple workaround. It splits the job in batches and executes one batch per day so you never exceed the quota.

  • Marcus Badach

    Hi Amit, so glad to find this forum :-) please help me… I have a business who uses the google apps standard edition (Pre Dec 2012) all is 100% but as the company grows I am not sure if I should rather upgrade and start paying (not for the user numbers) but the SLA if something happens AND most importantly the email send limits…I have read and read but cannot see the difference between daily limits for a standard account vs a business account… We have a leads email box that receives about 500 + (and growing) per day and autoforwards to our servers… is it worth paying for business or staying on Standard, I do not want to waste money but also do not want to be penny wise and pound foolish :-)

    • Amit Agarwal

      Are you talking about the limits of Gmail or Mail Merge through Gmail? In Mail Merge, the mails are sent through Google Apps Script and they have a different daily quota.

      • Marcus Badach

        Limits in Standard Gmail Google Apps… not merge, daily sending / receiving and auto forwards for (could a thousand+) mails a day for one of the boxes…. I am basically not sure whether it is worth upgrading to business when we have the standard edition

        • Amit Agarwal

          The daily limit for regular Google account is 500 and it would obviously be more for premier Google Apps accounts. The exact number is unknown though.

          • Marcus Badach

            And the autoforwards ? for Free accounts?

          • Amit Agarwal

            Not sure of any limit on auto-forward but there could be one for high usage.

          • Marcus Badach

            Thanks Amit as a small business relying on google for all mail would you upgrade to business or stay on the standard plan?

  • ocam

    Hey Amit

    Can you adjust the time that the MailMerge is sent out? Yesware has a similar feature but only for single emails rather than bulk blasts.



  • Gary DiGrazia

    Amit – I’m getting an error message “Please fill in all field” when all the field are filled in. What’s my next move my friend? Thank you.

  • Scott

    Hmm . . . just sent out my first mailmerge, but it stopped at 48. I’ve checked my other gmail but there’s only about 5 been sent today. Could there be further restrictions or is it likely to be something else? Thanks

  • Keith P.

    I just paid for premium, when do i actually get upgraded to premium?

    • Amit Agarwal

      You’ll get an email in your inbox with all the details.

      • Keith P.

        Wonderful. Now I have another issue. The emails are stopping at 120. My other company has had the same service for weeks (premium) and they are able to send 500 emails per day. How can I change mine to be more?

        • Amit Agarwal

          The limit is 100 per day for free Gmail accounts. If you are a paid Google Apps user, the limit is 1500 per day but this limit is only upgraded if you have 5+ users on Google Apps or if your Google Apps account is couple of months old.