Google AdSense Payment without SWIFT code

I am a new Google AdSense Publisher.

I will receive my finalised earning of June 2014 soon and this will be my first Google AdSense payment. My payment system has been automatically upgraded to the new NEFT Bank Transfer payment system and Google AdSense has notified me of the update to my form of payment.

I belong to the semi-urban area and I have a SBI Bank account but my bank branch doesn’t have Swift code. In this position can’t decide what to do.

Seeking your suggestion regarding that matter. May I use the Swift Code of SBI Kolkata Main Branch ? Or please suggest me how I receive funds to a savings bank account of a SBI Core Banking Branch, without having Swift Code.

  • You may use SBININBBFXD SWIFT code for SBI bank to receive AdSense earnings.

  • Arijit Biswas

    I’m from Kolkata. My SBI does not have any SWIFT Code too, so can I use this SWIFT code to receive AdSense payments?