How To Have Pre Images

Nowdays like many websites like techcrunch, times of india etc are having pre images on their websites, images which load before the main image loads so can you please tell me what those images are officially called and how to have them on wordpress

    Google AdSense Payment without SWIFT code

    I am a new Google AdSense Publisher.

    I will receive my finalised earning of June 2014 soon and this will be my first Google AdSense payment. My payment system has been automatically upgraded to the new NEFT Bank Transfer payment system and Google AdSense has notified me of the update to my form of payment.

    I belong to the semi-urban area and I have a SBI Bank account but my bank branch doesn’t have Swift code. In this position can’t decide what to do.

    Seeking your suggestion regarding that matter. May I use the Swift Code of SBI Kolkata Main Branch ? Or please suggest me how I receive funds to a savings bank account of a SBI Core Banking Branch, without having Swift Code.

      Mail Merge No longer working

      I have used and enjoyed your mail merge but for some reason I am now encountering a error Cannot read properly “1″ from null. I have tried clearing the canvas and starting over…nothing…very distressed.

        Need to receive emails from only particular mail ids in Gmail… Please read details.

        Hello Amit,

        I have one gmail account and what I am looking with the help of filters is to have/accept emails from some specific two mail ids. Rest all the mails which are coming on my gmail id, i want them to get deleted automatically as I am not interested in all such emails.

        Can you please help me out in terms of setting up such filter/rule where only 2 mail ids are accepted and rest all mails will get deleted or moved to some other folder etc.

        I am not able to set-up the rule where I can mention exception (Not able to write boolean expression which will throw result where senders are apart from those two specific mail ids.

        Kindly let me know. Awaiting your response.


          calling usa from canada

          I’m going to canada for a month. I want too know how to make phone calls to the usa with my android smart phone without paying roaming fees. I will have 100 megabytes of data (from verizon) and limited Wifi access. Thank you.

            Google is Blocking the Url of my blog

            Sir i have a blog name and i have posted unique content on this blog all the posts are written by me but Google is Blocking my urls and i cannot get them in Google search. What i can do about it. And also i read in a post of you to submit site map in the custom robot.txt. after that we dont have to submit sitemap to webmaster?

              Mail Merge script can not access my account

              Hi, I am trying to create a mass email message from my companies’ gmail account, but every time I click start mail merge or try to import contacts I’m being asked again to authorise the app (to work offline) and then I am again looking at the page where I was before and nothing happens. I have tried with my personal gmail account and it works. Is there any setting I need to change with my gmail company email?


              1. Liliq


                I had the same problem, but I figured out the solution.
                You should log out all your accounts except the one you’d like to send the mail merge from. This way, you can use your companies’ gmail account as well!



              xml image sitemap can’t write to host


              The XML sitemap was generated successfully but the plugin was unable to save the xml to your WordPress root folder at /home/users/web/b219/xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

              Theis error msg is generate when I use the Google XML image sitemap Plugin. There is sufficient permissions in all directories on the hosting WordPress installation.

              Any and all help would be appreciated.

                FIX Web Site Monitor Error: getActiveSheet


                I receive the following error:

                Riepilogo degli errori dello script di Google Apps: Copy of Website Monitor v3.0 – Digital Inspiration

                secondCheck TypeError: Cannot call method “getActiveSheet” of null. (riga 133, file “labnol”)

                Please, how can I fix the error?