Group email help

I am studying in college..I want help to create group email..means when one faculty member send email to one particular email id then it must be received by all the students at their personal email address..
Reply me as soon as possible..
Thank you..

    Duplicate Google Forms

    Hello, Amit. I just read your blog post on February 19 titled "How to Send Confirmation Emails with Google Forms." I was able to successfully set it up on a form, so thank you very much. It is quite simple.

    My question to you is can I add the script to the form itself as opposed to the spreadsheet. I would like to be able to use the form as a template and duplicate it. I assume that I would need to add the script to every new spreadsheet after duplicating the form, correct?

    Thank you for any help that you can provide.

      HLML – MAIL in not available,

      How do I use the mail merge application as the HLML – MAIL in is not available?

      Is it a temporary issue or is it because because I’m using the free version?

      Kinldy help asap as I need to send the mails at the earliest.

        Cannot connect to Gmail

        Hi, my newly installed Send to Google Drive v5.0 is failing at line 171 with the following error: Cannot connect to Gmail (line 171, file “labnol”) 3.

        It did successfully create a new ‘processed’ label, apparently from a previous iteration through the same function, but no attachments have been saved to Drive (either in tagged folder or elsewhere) and no conversations labeled ‘processed’.

          Send To Google Drive: Constantly Saving Image from 1st Message in Conversation

          Every time my webcam detects movement, it e-mails me a snapshot JPG.

          I wish to use “Send To Google Drive” to automatically save these snapshots into a folder.

          Each e-mail has the same subject line, which means that Google groups them into the same conversation. It seems to create a new conversation every day.

          “Send To Google Drive” is correctly detecting when a new snapshot e-mail is received, but rather than saving the image from the new e-mail, it seems to always save the image from the 1st e-mail in the conversation.

          See these screenshots:
          - 2 conversations (today and yesterday), containing 28 and 15 snapshots respectively:
          - Some of the snapshot e-mails from yesterday (note all the JPGs are different):
          - The files in the Drive folder (note there are only 2 different images, 1 from each conversation, and duplicated):

          Is this possible to resolve?

          I’m not sure if this is related to the filenames being the same, but ideally I’d also like the date and time of the e-mail appended to each JPG file name, e.g. “Snapshot – 2014-08-24 — 16-11-25.jpg”.
          If this is also possible, I’d be happy to purchase the “Premium” version of the module.

          Many Thanks

          1. Cedric Hahn

            Hello out there!

            I have the same problem. It is caused by the same subjects and not by the same filenames. (Because my are different)
            Even turning off the gruping of messages this problem isnt solved!

            Please help!

          How to make a website Flipboard friendly?

          When I see my website on Flipboard it shows wrong alignments of the posts and same goes to the website too. Could you please let me know how can I make my website Flipboard friendly?
          I went through the Flipboard FAQs but it didn’t help much.

            Save Tweets for any Twitter Hashtag

            I wanted to save the search results of multiple hashtags / keywords using the procedure mentioned in this link (

            However, after creating three apps (as I have more than one hashtag and the length of the spreadsheet name is limited) twitter says “Error
            Rate limit exceeded. If you believe you’ve received this message in error please file a ticket at”

            Please let me know how to go about it as I have more than 50 keywords to monitor continuously. First preference is Freemium.


              Make a logo for my blog

              I want to make a logo. If possible I would like to make it on my own as those free logos offered by logo makers can be used by any other.
              I hope its easy to make it, if not send a link of its tutorials if possible.
              Freemium versions are in priority.

                Where to start from if we want our blog on the web?

                I have my articles already written, blog name is set, but the problem is where to write them?
                After reading How to make money on the internet? , a question arises that Which one should I use for blogging, WordPress, Blogger, or any other.
                I want to choose that one which gives most revenue to the Editor of the blog and also supports Google AdSense.

                1. Anand Dudheliya

                  WordPress is the best for blogging but you need to maintain it by yourself or hire someone to make tweaks to optimize it. WordPress is very flexible and prefered by professional bloggers and Blogger is for starup blogger. Blogger is for those who do not want to mess up with code and managing database . Remember to index you all your pages manually if you use blogger. The free wordpress hosting by automatic does not allow you to use adsense. So use other hosting services

                Adding question-answer form to a blogger ( blogspot )


                I would like to add a form to a blog ( I am using blogger ).
                Basically, I want to post question and give multiple choice option for answers and at the end a submit button.

                Currently, I tried with Google Forms, however the problem is that when I want to add help text to the question, it comes in a single line.

                Check this link in my blog:


                a) How to show code properly instead of single line?
                b) Is there a better way of showing forms in blog?
                c) Can I show the results to the users immediately and how should I do that?