Hi blogger friends, i need User to join and use my site for your file uploading and sharing purpose.
I promise no file will deleted ever for users.

Using a Mail Merge list in Google/ GMAIL.
How do I flag just a few people on the list to receive a message?
I planned to send initial messages and follow-up messages from the same list. Do I have to separate the list entirely?

Have set date format in:
1. Gmail
Gmail display language: English (UK)
Default country code: Australia

2. Google Account
Language: English (Australia)

However PDF attachment still shows date in US date format, how can this be resolved?

How to create a autofill, like you have made magic autofill for rail reservation.

I created my website using WordPress and registered on dot tk for free domain. I am getting at least 100 visitors a day. So I applied for Infolinks publisher program and also got approval from them to show ads. But I can not integrate Infolinks ads into my website. Please give me solution on this or suggest another way to earn revenue from a website.

I have around 15 email ID in my domain. I intend to buy One google apps Email for my Domain. All Other emails will not be upgraded to Google Apps

The New Email ID must point to Google Apps account. While Others must stay with current email Provider.

Is This Possible with Google Apps

Thanks in Advance

Hi, how can I insert a Salutation to the e-mail html-body?
May be this question has been answered here, please show me. Thanks.

I’m using the older version of mail merge (http://www.labnol.org/software/mail-merge-with-gmail/13289/) and I’ve never had an issue with it before, but suddenly when I try to send it it’s giving me an error message saying that I need to fill in all required fields. All of the required fields ARE filled in. What’s happening?