How can I add Google Forms directly into my Mailchimp Email


I have a Google form that I want to send it to my subscribers.
Additionally, the form needs to be integrated within the email ie. No links, he can participate in the survey by answering to the questions from the email itself.

I did an extensive search online but couldn’t find any solution. The only possible way of doing this was to send feedback form to each of my subscribers manually.(selecting the option – add form within email)

Since, this feedback forms is a part of our drip campaign, I am looking for a solution that can scaled and automated.

Thank you,

    Website shown as Malware in Chrome

    My website is

    It’s a wordpress blog, whenever I open any post, it shows “The site ahead contains malware” message.

    I don’t have any malware in my website then why is this message appearing? It’s a pure wordpress blog with themes and plugins.

      Email Extract Problem

      I used the Email Extract & only got 52 email addresses out of 2200 mostly unique emails. Any suggestions on what I can do?

        gmail purge

        I really like the auto gmail purge script. Just wondering if I can setup 2 scripts to purge 2 different labels?
        And I also when I tried to run the script it has time out error, not sure how to resolve this.

          batch forwarding Gmail script

          Thanks for the free and easy to use Gmail batch forwarding spreadsheet and script, which is quite easy to use and works fine EXCEPT it appears to be limited to ten forwards per hour? It will take forever that way — I have 455 files with one label to forward. Tell me about premium version – I assume much faster?

          Update: Forwarding stopped about four hours ago. A total of 78 files got forwarded, far short of 455 total. ????

            Google Mail Merge – video


            In this video step 4. the email addresses do not appear in the spreadsheet I created as per the instructions. All good to that point.

            Cannot complete, very annoying.

            Please advise.

            1. Yasir Mehmood

              I have a question. I have a list of email ids I want to send email to. Their subject and their body text is same. what I can do through mail merge to send them one by one through my gmail accounts

            Mobiles under 6000

            Hello, i want to buy a new mobile under 6000 that’s awesome in features. Please suggest thanks. It should have good features and good performance thanks help me

              Images in HTML

              Hi, trying the Gmail merge package with DI HTML Mail – per tutorial am trying to insert an image into the html mail,but am getting a blue coloured spot when I complete the merge. What am I doing wrong? Am taking the image from my google drive.
              thx c