add cc and bcc while sending confirmation mail from google forms


I want to know the script to send the auto mail confirmation to multiple email is’s . pfb code and correct it if it’s wrong .

/* Send Confirmation Email with Google Forms */

function Initialize() {

var triggers = ScriptApp.getScriptTriggers();

for (var i in triggers) {



function SendConfirmationMail(e) {

try {

var to, ss, bcc, cc, sendername, subject, columns;
var message, value, textbody, sender;

bcc = “”
// This is your email address and you will be in the CC
cc = Session.getActiveUser().getEmail();

// This will show up as the sender’s name
sendername = “EAT Ticket System”;

// Optional but change the following variable
// to have a custom subject for Google Docs emails
subject = “EAT Ticket System”;

// This is the body of the auto-reply
message = “We have received your details.


ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
columns = ss.getRange(1, 1, 1, ss.getLastColumn()).getValues()[0];

// This is the submitter’s email address
sender = e.namedValues["Ticket Raised by"].toString();

to = e.namedValues["To"].toString();

// Only include form values that are not blank
for ( var keys in columns ) {
var key = columns[keys];
if ( e.namedValues[key] ) {
message += key + ‘ :: ‘+ e.namedValues[key] + “

textbody = message.replace(“
“, “\n”);

GmailApp.sendEmail(to,bcc, sender, subject, textbody,
{To: to, bcc:bcc, cc: cc, name: sendername, htmlBody: message});

} catch (e) {


Thanks & Regards,
Irshad .

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              Thanks you,

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